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Cheap domains

Large selection of domain names. We cover all major domain zones and don’t cheat domain prices, but rather conduct regular promotions and discounts on domain registration.

Registration on the customer’s name

The client becomes the full owner of the domain name. If you decide to change the hosting provider or service, the domain will always remain yours and you can transfer it.

Manage DNS records

A free DNS management option is available for each client. Store DNS records and manage them in the control panel with just a couple of clicks, at no additional cost.

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Domain .MOBI 17.99 17.99 17.99
Domain .PRO 14 15 15
Domain .INFO 12.19 12.99 12.99
Domain .BIZ 5.49 12.99 12.99
Domain .ORG 11.49 11.49 11.49
Domain .US 3.99 7.99 7.99
Domain .NET 12.3 12.5 12.5
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We are the partner of accredited international registrars.

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Testimonials of our favorite clients

misspo 2024-01-16

Отличный хостинг! Сначала перепробовал кучу провайдеров , но остановился на этом! Поддержка версий php и mysql...


Ян 2023-11-05

Отличный хостинг. Пользуюсь несколько лет. Цены не заламывают, довольно высокое качество.


Виталий 2023-10-12

Высокая скорость, аптайм под 100%, нет ограничения на субдомены, отличная служба поддержки, быстрый фтп -...


CHungro 2022-04-02

Хостинг отличный, админы отличные, быстро отвечают, быстро решают проблему(если она есть)!!! Давно на этом...


Frequently asked questions when registering a domain

- How long does it take to register a domain?

Domains are registered immediately after payment, as soon as you order and pay for the selected domain name. You don’t need to worry that the selected domain name becomes unavailable - we will register it in a jiffy.

- When will the domain be available on the Internet after registration?

Domain name becomes available after updating DNS servers, which can take from 3 to 24 hours. Your site will be available one day after registration.

Domain registration time depends on the domain zone. The domain registrar checks the validity of the application and domain zones. Domain status will change to “Registered, not delegated” so that another person can’t order it. This procedure usually also takes a few minutes.

Then the registrar makes an entry in the registry about the NS servers to which the domain will be delegated, and changes the status of the domain to “Registered, delegated”. After that, domain information is registered in WHOIS, and DNS servers are updated.